Which material is better for the inner bag of EVA computer bag?

Which material is better for the inner bag of EVA computer bag?

The computer bag is a kind of luggage that many computer owners prefer to use. The computer bag that is common in daily life is usually made of cloth or leather. Nowadays, plastic computer bags are more and more popular. The main reason is that plastic materials have the ability to protect computers or objects and are more practical.

EVA plastic computer bags can better protect the computer because hard plastic materials have strong anti extrusion, water resistance, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. However, for such hard computer bags, Lintai luggage recommends increasing the use of inner bags in the process of use, so as to improve the safety of the computer to a greater extent. Which material is better for the inner bags in EVA computer bags?

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There are many kinds of materials that can be made into EVA computer bags, the most important of which is to protect the computer. Therefore, the inner bag should have good shock resistance, and it is better if it has heat dissipation function. However, in the market today, the material of the inner bag is generally diving material with good shock resistance, such as foam that is very similar to Neoprene, and memory cotton with slow rebound or inertia.

Which material should be used for the inner bag of EVA computer bag? Is it good diving material, foam or memory sponge? In this way, you have to choose according to your personal needs. However, as a Lintai luggage with more than ten years of luggage production and operation experience, it is recommended to use diving materials, mainly because Neoprene can better protect the computer.

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