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Using 3D modelling software SolidWork by IGS,STEP,XT format, our engineers scale an visualize graphical representations of case, providing clients with a clear understanding of the product design structure.


CNC technology,molding material:new aluminium (not recycled one) our in-house tooling make sure mold quality and in-time no delay,once tooling be ready then start to case hot pressing to test.any fixing requires revise them as quickly as possible.


Self-owned machining workshops roasting &thermoforming,sewing enhanced by latest technologies process and experienced workers,from material to finished products one-stop production in house.


Quality assurance reflects on the full process from raw materials inspection to QC and warehouse, ensuring best-in-class product grade for more business profits.


After zipper closed,quality checking, our QC monitor will spot checking and then packed the whole product with polybag,export carton box, making it clean and dust-free.


Backed by in-stock spare parts, wide accessory options, our EVA case &bags are assured with 1 year warranty. Experienced supportive team are at your serice.

How the EVA cases be made?

1.Raw Material- EVA


3.Die Cutting

4.Roasting & Thermoforming


6.Semi Production Checking



OEM & ODM Services

Every one of our projects is supported by a large team comprising various specializations and fields of expertise: project leader, workers in the field or staff in the office, engineers – you will benefit from the full range of services of a large company with a worldwide service network.

Bonito Customized EVA Cases

We at Bonito value high quality and customer satisfaction at best. We are the pioneer of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) hard or soft cases. We take pride in our tailor-built EVA cases that are cost-effective and provide robust protection to your products.

Exterior Material Options

The exterior design and material EVA cases is something you should consider. The case’s curve can make a big difference in how it is transported and used every day .Custom EVA cases can accommodate virtually any size or shape. This allows you to be creative and allow for safety.

Our custom containers are made from the highest quality materials.The advanced technology used to create EVA hard cases gives you the ability to customize your products and ensure safety.

We offer several exterior materials options:

  • PU
  • Textured PU
  • Multispandex
  • Lycra
  • 600D
  • 1680D
  • Snowflake Cloth

Custom Logo Options

Consistent branding essential in today’s competitive market.We can help you choose the right logo for your EVA carry case.

EVA cases are available in many colors. However ,you can use your customized case to promote your brand.

High frequency,and other techniques can be used to press embossed or debossed logos into EVA casings. Silk screen printing, metallic or rubber-made logos,can add uniqueness to your brand’s identity. Our design team will assist you in choosing the best strategy for your custom EVA cases.

Inner Foam Options

EVA cases can be protected with foam packaging. Foam is great at protecting goods froam movment and stess. The soft , durable foam insert protects everything from glass bottles to complex instruments and retail products. It also provides safety and security during transport.

Foam can becut to any size and shape that suits your product. This will protect them from damage and scuffs during transit.

We can supply die-cut, thermoformed,CNC, thermoformed and laser-cut inserts. A moveable clapboard can be provided with aVelcro insert.

Case &Bag Accessories Options

A handie makes it easier to carry boxes. With handles,you can easily transport larger EVA bags. This makes it easier to transport and deliver your EVA cases. With an attached handle, even small EVA bags can look modern and trendy.

The cases can be customized with various designs and materials, as well as handles that you can place wherever you want. EVA carry cases are a great way to add value to your brand and give more meaning to your product designs.

Our catalog offers a variety of handles in different materials and designs.

We offer

  • Rubber and lanyard handle
  • Leather handle
  • Nylon handle
  • Shoulder strap handle
  • PU handle
  • Hanging hook handle

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