What Is Latest Technology In EVA Case &Bags?

What Is Latest Technology In EVA Case &Bags?

No one wants to compromise the safety of their valuables. Sometimes, you have to take fragile items on a trip. Or perhaps your work requires you to carry tools with you at all times. Safety is of utmost importance, and you need a custom case that will provide optimal protection to your products. This is where a customized EVA case can come to your rescue.

There’s a reason why a hard shell EVA case is considered the perfect material for transporting fragile items. Its look, feel, and durability speak for themselves.

We get it! It can be challenging to determine which material will provide a protective covering to your valuables. But once you take a look at customized EVA cases and bags, all your inhibitions will be put to rest. What is it about the hard shell EVA case that makes it such an appealing choice? We are about to find out!

How EVA Cases And Bags Are The Perfect Travel Solutions

Customized EVA cases are provided with a hard plastic exterior. Despite this, they are flexible and lightweight. Hence, you wouldn’t have to face any difficulty carrying them around. And if you select the right EVA case manufacturer, durability shouldn’t be a problem either.

Most manufacturers produce the bags in both hard and soft cases. Among the various options, it’s the hard EVA zipper cases that are most popular these days.

So what’s the secret behind the high performance of these EVA cases? How do they function are protective carriers for your delicate products? This high functionality of EVA cases can be attributed to the thermal-formed foam.

The thermal-formed foam offers complete protection to valuables like expensive electronics and components needing the utmost care. Manufacturers also provide custom-made cases, so size shouldn’t be an issue. You can have an EVA bag made with an outer case and inner trays, too, which will give you enough space to accommodate all your items.

Let’s talk a bit about technology and construction. Hard-shell EVA cases use ethylene vinyl acetate as the primary material for manufacture. The best thing about this material is its versatility. It’s incredibly moldable in addition to being soft and resilient. If that wasn’t enough, its compression recovery characteristics have no parallel.

EVA plastic is converted into foam via the compression molding process or injection. The material is subjected to bubbles and high heat, which creates a closed-cell structure, ultimately giving you EVA foam which can be used in a variety of ways.

The EVA foam, in the cases, offers a semi-rigid construction to them. At the same time, they also add the feature of a cushion. If that wasn’t enough, you could have your customized EVA case laminated with leather-like PVC or woven material too. It can even carry a company’s logo.

The best thing about the lamination process is that it will increase the durability of your case while simultaneously giving you more liberty in designing. Pockets can also be sewn into these bags for your convenience.

The Features Of Customized EVA Cases Worth Checking Out

It’s pretty clear by now that the success and high performance of EVA cases are primarily due to EVA foam. So let’s shed some light on the features that forms part of the material.


  • EVA foam is incredibly flexible and versatile. It can be made floppy or stiff as per requirements. Hence, producing a customized EVA case isn’t really a challenge.
  • The cases are provided with high friction coefficient. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the items in the case slipping or sliding around within the case.
  • The EVA foam cases are capable of withstanding low temperatures up to -94°F. Yes, you can even carry these bags to Antarctic expeditions!
  • The material is highly resilient and hence very tough to break. You wouldn’t have to buy a new case for your valuables all too often. It’s also capable of withstanding tough weather conditions and isn’t damaged by UVA radiation.
  • The foam doesn’t have any odor and is free of sulfur too. Hence, you wouldn’t face any difficulty in keeping it close to you at all times.
  • EVA cases are designed to withstand toxic situations. They are resistant to not only oils and greases but also acids and alkalis.
  • The vibration absorption of the material is pretty impressive.
  • The material is buoyant and water-resistant. Therefore, it floats on water and also protects its contents at all times.


Benefits Of Customized EVA Cases

So how is a hard shell EVA case a worthy investment? Here’s a look.


  • They are extremely protective and will keep even your most delicate items safe. You won’t have to worry about your valuables being crushed or broken. The cases will ensure the products reach their destination safely and in perfect condition even when faced with an impact.
  • The high performance of these cases makes them suitable for travel. If your job requires you to take multiple trips annually, you need something that’s durable. Hard-shell EVA case is perfect for this purpose.
  • Customized EVA cases are highly versatile. They can be used to protect a variety of items, including your essential tools, cosmetic items, and even your laptop. All you need to do is purchase the right shape of the case, and the rest will be taken care of by the material.
  • Since the EVA foam material can withstand extreme temperatures, you can carry these cases anywhere without any inhibitions.


Of course, customized EVA cases are slightly more expensive, but you will find them worth every penny.

EVA Cases And Bags: Made For The Future

It’s incredible how technology has enabled us to make the most of EVA plastics. The cases manufactured from this material leave little to desire.

The only thing you have to ensure is that you select a suitable EVA case manufacturer. Find someone who will get you high-quality custom-made bags that fulfill your requirements to the last letter. Trust us; this material wouldn’t let you down.

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