What are the classification and characteristics of outdoor photography bags?

What are the classification and characteristics of outdoor photography bags?

In the face of the coming summer vacation, I believe many friends have plans to travel and shoot beautiful scenery everywhere. At this time, how to choose a suitable camera bag to carry your equipment safely and conveniently has become a key issue. Let’s talk about the classification characteristics of photography bags briefly.

At present, there are more and more types of photography bags. From the original single shoulder bag and backpack to the current waist bag, Messenger Bag and triangle bag, we must first distinguish their respective characteristics. Generally speaking, we often use shoulder bags, backpacks, messenger bags, waist bags, triangle bags and small digital camera bags. As a professional photographer, photography bags must be from small to large, and the number of various types of bags is certainly not one.

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1. One shoulder bag: the popularity of this kind of photography bag is the highest, from small to large, and many very high-end photography bags are almost single shoulder. The advantage of this kind of bag is that it is flexible to match equipment, but the disadvantage is that when carrying too much equipment, the shoulder will be uncomfortable.

2. Backpack: the popularity of this kind of photography bag is also very high, and it is also available from small to large. Generally, the weight and price performance ratio are good. Generally speaking, when using a backpack, the burden on the body will be less, but it is not very convenient to take the equipment.

3. Messenger Bag: this kind of photography bag is a popular product in the last two years. Generally speaking, it is mainly small and medium-sized, fashionable and beautiful. It is the first choice for young photographers who pursue various styles. Its disadvantage is also determined by its structure and the state when carrying it. When carrying too much equipment, it is easy to be stolen.14541

4. Waist bag and triangle bag: the former is popular because it is more comfortable to carry around the waist and convenient to take equipment. The reason why the latter is popular may be that it is more portable when combined with one camera.

5. Small digital camera bag: there are often many kinds of such products. Many people think that it is not very cost-effective to buy a product that is not much cheaper than a large camera bag for a small DC. But in fact, it is the petite product of a small DC that needs a safe place to live.

The above is the general classification characteristics of the current photographic bag products. Although it seems that there are many kinds, according to authoritative analysis of relevant foreign materials, in fact 80% of users need a photography bag that can carry all your equipment.

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