Top 10 precautions when customizing EVA cases to custom factories

Top 10 precautions when customizing EVA cases to custom factories

Are you going to order a batch of customized EVA cases from EVA suppliers? If you don’t know much about the industry, or don’t have a clue, this article is designed to solve the problem for you. The following describes the top 10 precautions when customizing EVA cases to factories in turn. Please read it carefully. I’m sure it will be helpful to your work



  • 1.Ensure that the production qualification and customization level of the customizer can meet your customization requirements. The customizer can be divided into low-end, middle-end and high-end. Similarly, the customization difficulty of the product can also be divided into low, medium and high. Different customizers are more willing to accept customers of the same level. For example, high-end customizers are more willing to accept customers with difficult customization needs and more orders in order to obtain greater profits; On the contrary, although small and medium-sized enterprises want to accept customers who are difficult and have many orders, they can only retreat to the second place because of insufficient strength。


  • 2.Describe customization needs in a highly accurate way. The common and most effective ways are: video communication, telephone communication, text description, photos or model files, etc. you can also mail content items to the customizer in advance so that the customizer can understand your customization needs more accurately and finally make your favorite EVA cases


  • 3.Find a few more customization providers, compare the customization price, customization quality, delivery date, environmental factors, social factors, weigh the pros and cons, make trade-offs, and choose the most appropriate customization provider


  • 4.Sign a contract with the customizer or leave a reliable certificate with legal basis, and only pay a certain deposit before the arrival of re products, and follow the payment on delivery, so as to prevent the other party from defaulting


  • 5.Taking the geographical location of the customizer into account, the customization process may be repeated, because the customization chamber of Commerce mail model has asked you whether you are satisfied with it and the modification opinions. If the distance between the two places is very long, the length of postage and time will be greatly increased, which will not only cost time and energy, but also unnecessary money. Man, with this spare money, it’s better to buy a few bottles of superior red wine by yourself


  • 6.Investigate the past performance of customized manufacturers, which reflects their qualifications. What a great experience it is to ensure that their products can be immediately put on high-quality customized EVA cases after production. You certainly don’t want to fall off the chain at a critical time


  • 7.Maintain a strict and strong attitude towards customizers, so that they can fully follow their own wishes, so as to create desired products


  • 8.Carefully choose the material, shape, pattern, accessories, etc. of EVA shell. A good EVA case will give people a bright feeling in front of their eyes. It conquers you from the visual experience first. When packaging your products with this kind of thing, your products are easier to sell


  • 9.Features of a good customized EVA case: 1. It looks simple, high-grade, beautiful and artistic; 2. The hardness, thickness, compression resistance, weight, skid resistance, etc. of the shell meet the customization requirements; 3. It meets the customization function requirements and is easy to carry,4. The product fits well


  • 10.This article is not easy to make. It takes a lot of time and energy to conduct research. Please pay attention to sharing, sharing knowledge, passing love, and benefiting the world

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