The difference between EVA bag and leather bag

The difference between EVA bag and leather bag

The difference between eva bags and genuine leather bags is that bags are our daily travel products. There are many types and uses of different types of bags. They can be divided into eva bags according to material, leather bags, canvas bags, plastic bags, knitted bags, etc. Most bags are used to hold personal belongings, but it is inevitable that some people will use them to hold other things. Generally, we think the quality of genuine leather bags must be better than that of other types of bags, Today, I will explain the differences between eva bags and leather bags.

Difference between eva bag and leather bag:


Characteristics of EVA: biodegradable, light weight, scratch and abrasion resistance, non-toxic material, free of heavy metals, phthalates, high heat adhesion, etc.

Features of genuine leather bags: leather has the smell of leather. Tear off a little fiber and ignite it to give off the smell of hair. The leather surface has clear fur and patterns. Cattle leather has symmetrical fine pores, yak leather has thick and sparse pores, and goat leather has fish scale pores.

Difference between eva bags and leather bags:BONITO Packing,,
EVA bag: headset bag, mobile power/hard disk bag, schoolbag, handbag, tool kit, ball bag, etc. The bag made of eva material is resistant to pressure, flexible and easy to carry, which can well protect various earphones, data cables, mobile power/hard disks and other electronic products from being damaged.

Genuine leather bags: leather bags are classified as handbags, generally depending on brands, such as Hermes, Armani, etc. The leather bag material surface is smooth, soft, plump, elastic, with good texture and durability.

Of course, bags made of various materials cannot be perfect. There are still some differences. Leather also has disadvantages, and the price is high. Of course, a leather bag has a very long service life and a high cost performance ratio. The disadvantage of eva bag is that it is not as grand and beautiful as leather bag. However, eva bag, as a plastic, scratch resistant and wear-resistant functional product, may not be fashionable.

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