Sexy Portable EVA Bra Bag Case for Travel

Sexy Portable EVA Bra Bag Case for Travel

eva bra bags case from China suppliers,eva bra case for sexy women or girls,traveling eva case for bras,underwear and clothes.

Product Features:

Customized EVA bra case for women

  • lighet weight carrying eva case wholesales.
  • solid,durable zipper closure eva portable case and bags.
  • hard shell protective eva cases for bra,underwear clothes storage.
  • attractive design,sexy molded eva bra bags case.
  • anti-dusty,shockproof eva case near you.


Colorfull EVA molded bra carrying bags case

  1. small MOQ support,low cost explore.
  2. in-time sample and production delivery.
  3. in-house tooling make sure molding quality and products.
  4. printed logo,eco-friendly material,non-toxic.
  5. soft lining,hardness EVA body protection.

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