Custom Neoprene lunch bag

Wholesale customized insulation bag, Bento bag, diving material lunch bag, logo can be added

Product Features:

Neoprene Lunch Bag – this insulated lunch bag is made of thick neoprene material and is environmentally friendly. The elastic material expands the soft lunch bag to accommodate various containers or foods. Neoprene is also widely used to keep warm diving suits, so it can keep food warm or refrigerated within a few hours.
Excellent design – this lunch bag has a flat bottom to make the food container and bottle sit straight, so you don’t need to worry about the soup or drink overflowing. The soft grip makes your fingers always comfortable and you can enjoy delicious food anytime, anywhere. Interesting dot prints, stripe prints and classic solid colors will never go out of style.
Durable and reusable – Z-shaped stitching makes the insulating bag extremely durable. High quality zippers ensure that you open and close the lunch bag smoothly, even if it extends to its maximum capacity. This durable lunch bag allows you to safely store what you like on any occasion.
Multi function: the neoprene lunch bag can be used as a meal preparation bag, a heat preservation bag, a lunch bag, a picnic bag, a female and a male lunch bag. Lunch bags make your life healthier. You can eat more nutritious salads, sandwiches, fruits instead of fast food. You can prepare delicious food for your family.
Easy to wash and carry – this versatile lunch bag is easy to wash, just rinse or machine wash and air dry. So you don’t have to worry about spilling out of your lunch bag or outside. It’s also super light and easy to carry. You can take it out every day. When not in use, you can fold or roll up the small lunch bag to reduce the space occupied.


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