EVA medical first aid kit

EVA medical first aid kit

Product Features:

Processing customization:Yes
Packaging level:Transport packaging
workmanship:Hot pressing
Marketable land:whole world
Purpose:EVA first aid kit carrying
texture of material


  • Basic 228 comprehensive first-aid products were produced in modern sterile facilities, exceeding the safety standards for adults and children. For the complete product catalog, please refer to the following product pictures and product descriptions.
  • Small first-aid kit (8.3 “6.3” 3.2 “). Lightweight, shockproof, deformation free EVA template. PU surface is smooth, waterproof and easy to clean. The waterproof layer can protect your items (not soaked).
  • When professional medical care may take a while, be sure to have a toolbox ready. Store it in insect resistant bags, backpacks, cars or medicine boxes for quick access.
  • We don’t know when an emergency will occur. Earthquakes, accidents and injuries may occur suddenly. We also provide advanced first-aid supplies, such as first-aid blankets, scissors, whistles and multi-functional saber cards. This will help improve your chances of survival.

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