How to use the headset bag? What’s the function of the headset bag

How to use the headset bag? What’s the function of the headset bag

Now, whether on the subway or on the bus, in order to have their own leisure environment, people always think about wearing earphones and enjoying their favorite music without causing trouble to others. The earphones have become more fashionable. Many earphones have been regarded as totems of self nature. In ear, earplug or headworn plans can bring different auditory feelings. However, when saving headphones, people will also choose a good headset bag to save headphones. However, some unfamiliar people may not know how to use the headset correctly.

Today, let the tool kit manufacturer Lin Tai tell you how to use the headset bag:

1. The earphone bag is used to store earphones, so as to prevent the earphone cable from being damaged due to improper placement.

2. It is the place where the earplug is wired. The most vulnerable part of the earphone is the interface between the earphone cable and the sound unit, as well as the interface with the earphone plug. Once the wire is pulled by too much force, it is likely to cause poor contact, which will cause the earphone to not sound normally. Because the sound unit is enclosed, it is not easy to damage.

So in general, to protect the earphones, first of all, you need to know that the weakest part of the earphones is the connection position of the plug and the connection port of the sound unit. To protect the earphones, you can buy a headset bag and roll it in when not in use. In addition, you can also buy a thread winder, which can be rolled and put in the bag when not in use.

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