How to choose a reliable EVA case manufacturer: The Ultimate Guide

How to choose a reliable EVA case manufacturer: The Ultimate Guide


As we all know, the characteristics of EVA material are endless,what makes EVA so magical?

1.Flexible and Versatile

EVA foam shell material can be both rigid or flexible, depending on the requirement. They can also be customized into any shape so that the goods or equipment can snugly fit inside.

2.Friction Inducing Surface:

Due to the high friction inducing surface, objects placed on EVA do not slide easily. EVA has a higher frictional coefficient when compared with other materials such as neoprene.


3.Extreme Temperature Endurance:

EVA foam as an inside shell material remains flexible at extreme temperatures. Defense personnel often need to endure extreme climates, and so does their equipment. EVA lined cases are preferred for transportation to such places.

Along with temperature, EVA foam is also resistant to other aspects of unfavorable weather such as UV radiations, heavy rains, and anything else nature can throw at it. EVA foam is highly buoyant and absorbs very less amount of water, which makes it extremely waterproof.

4.High Heat and Chemical Resistance:

Eva foam can survive in extremely high temperatures up to 216°F. It is also resistant to diluted acids and alkalis. The only thing it cannot endure is halogenated hydrocarbons.


Military equipment can be quite dense and heavy. No matter how bulky the goods or pieces of equipment may be, EVA foam can protect without sagging or breaking apart.


6.Highly Shockproof:

EVA foam protects the most delicate and fragile types of defense and security equipment under repeated transportation

However, these are the qualities that make it a preference for both Bonito engineers and  Portable case purchasing personnel.

Since the material is so powerful,how to choose a reliable EVA case manufacturer?


The answer is as follows:

1.Ability to have a unique custom shell shape

As a manufacturer, you may want to customize the inside and outside of the shell according to your requirements. Customization of boxes is not only critical to the life of your products, but also can promote your brand promotion. Although there are many EVA storage box manufacturers internationally, only a few can make fully customized boxes according to your specific needs. This is why it is necessary to know whether EVA shell manufacturers can produce products according to your specifications.

2.Customizer who can provide appropriate material selection

EVA foam is a thermally formed raw material which is ideal for covering expensive defense and security instruments or pieces of equipment that need a higher level of protection against rough handling and harsh environments. Our foam molding process creates inner trays in perfect shapes to fit any type of product. The EVA foam material creates a semi-rigid structure inside the cases while adding shock-absorbing qualities to the case. Bonito packing can also cover the EVA structure with other materials such as artificial leather, neoprene, or nylon. There are several advantages to using neoprene versus nylon to cover the EVA foam, as it can facilitate adding sleeves or pockets and add extra cushion.

3.Reasonable EVA shell design pricing

The customized EVA shell may be more expensive than the ready-made standard EVA shell; And the materials available are also different, such as ordinary materials and environmental protection materials; The design difficulty is different, and the charge is also different, but the manufacturer with real conscience will combine the design choice, material choice and durability choice for us to choose. Reliable manufacturers will ensure that the cost is commensurate with the quality of the housing

4.With strict quality assurance

Quality assurance is an important aspect. As we mentioned before, the quality of the shell will also affect your brand image. Therefore, before discussing the project with them, you should check the reputation of the EVA case manufacturer. Read online reviews to learn about the reliability of customized case manufacturers. You can also ask for reference materials from other manufacturers in your industry. Ensure that the company you choose has sufficient quality control measures for its incoming raw materials, and conduct quality tests at the end of production. The completed cases must undergo strict quality control inspection before being sent to you.微信图片_20220720223906

5.Those who can identify and meet customer needs

As a manufacturer, they must determine the customer’s needs from the product case, because this will determine the customization factor of your case. In addition to comfortably accommodating your product, customers may also expect the shell to have other functions, such as smooth zipper, additional pockets, waterproof exterior, and so on. You need to communicate these specifications to your EVA shell manufacturer. They must also identify the design factors that make your case popular in the target market.

6.Have reliable production license and capacity

Ensure that the manufacturer you choose complies with all state and federal laws relating to the production of EVA housings. Before you start production, please check the compliance with the EVA shell manufacturer. You don’t want the manufacturer to have to close when you receive a large number of orders.If you consider the long-term relationship with EVA shell manufacturers, production capacity is an important consideration. Even if your initial orders are small, they may grow over time. You must ensure that the manufacturer you choose to cooperate with can handle the large-scale production of customized EVA boxes. The last thing you want to do is to complete the production by yourself, and you must wait for the box to bring the equipment to the market. Since EVA boxes are made with customized molds, the company must have the infrastructure to produce a certain number of boxes every day.


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