Can the EVA bag be cleaned with water?

Can the EVA bag be cleaned with water?

Bags are indispensable supplies in our work and life, and EVA storage bags are also used by many friends. However, due to the lack of understanding of EVA materials, some friends will encounter such problems when using EVA storage bag: how to do if the EVA storage bag is dirty? Can it be washed with water like some other items? In order to let you understand these, the following BONITO luggage small editor to talk to you about this problem.

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In fact, here to tell you that EVA storage bag can be cleaned, although its main material is not cloth, but EVA material is a certain corrosion and waterproof. If dirty is not too serious word, BE able to clean. After washing, put it in a cool, ventilated place to air dry or blow dry it with a dryer.

However, in the process of cleaning should also pay attention to some problems. For example, do not use brush and other sharp and hard things, because it will make flannelette, PU and other appearance hair or scratches, over time will affect the appearance.

In addition, we suggested that we had better use a towel with washing liquid wipe, so the effect is the best. If the cloth and EVA material used in your EVA storage bag are relatively high quality and reach a certain thickness, there will be no problem after you wash it.

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